Visit Las Vegas: Why YOU Should Go To Las Vegas Now

Viva Las Vegas, Viva Las Vegas. 

I am going to assume you have heard of Sin City, the City of Lights, the City that Never Sleep, Aka. Las Vegas. Maybe I shouldn’t assume. If you haven’t yet, you need to visit Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is the most populated city in the the state of Nevada. Nevada is east of California, North of Arizona and west of Utah.

Las Vegas is most commonly known for its hotels, entertainment, bright lights and most importantly gambling.  Oh and fun fact: it is ranked in the top 3 of business conventions. You may of heard of Las Vegas per mouth or maybe you have seen it in a movie. Whatever the reason that caught your attention, lets keep moving on why you need to visit Las Vegas and all the options to explore & do.

Las Vegas gets about 43 million tourists a year, this is why you should be one of them


Flying to Las Vegas from anywhere in the United States is relatively cheap. There is also a ton of last second deals to steal. International guests: once entering the US, finding a cheap flight to Las Vegas won’t be a problem from plenty of airports.


Las Vegas has some of the most famous hotels, as seen in movies or places where events/concerts take place. While they may be ‘famous’ hotels, they are at times 5-star and decently priced. In any other tourist states, like New York City or Los Angeles, these hotels would be going for $800 a night, in Las Vegas you can find them for $200 a night. This is why Las Vegas is a global leader in the hospitality industry, they claim more AAA Five Diamond hotels than any other city in the world. No matter where you stay, you won’t be disappointed.


Chain restaurants or non-chain restaurants, Las Vegas has what you want. What they also have is the most popular places to eat, chefs and some iconic restaurants. For example, Giada from Food Network, has two restaurants in Las Vegas, along with Buddy V’s, chef from cake boss, restaurant. In addition, there are countless number of fast food places to satisfy your tastebuds as well.


Are you a luxury brand name fan or an outlet kind of gal? Either way, Las Vegas has what you want. Two outlets at either side of the strip and countless number of shops throughout the strips, with Forum Shops at Caesars being the most popular.


A lot is happening around Las Vegas, all you have to do is walk the strip. One free activity is looking at the hotels for outside entertainment. For example, the Mirage Hotel has lava come out of their rock structure and Bellagio has their famed water show. Another popular site to see is Freemont Street, or “Old Vegas”.


Are you getting sick of the strip? Tons of vendors are walking around the strip selling their day trips. You could either book it yourself or book through a vendor. These day trips could take you to the Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon or Lake Mead. Tourist could also rent a car for a day and drive to the countless number of National Parks (Mojave, Death Valley, Zion) within 3 hours of driving and possibly stop at China Town on the way back.

Las Vegas isn’t known for their China Town, but is a place you should check out. It is about a mile and a half off the strip on the other side of the freeway. Plenty of shops and restaurants to get the whole feel of a China Town.


Along with day trips, adventure is something else tourists may find on the Las Vegas Strip. Dale Jarrett Racing Adventure gets you behind the wheel of a NASCAR vehicle. Ride a rollercoaster at New York New York. Zip line across old downtown Las Vegas. That is just a few of the selections, there is so much more Las Vegas has to offer for adventure, you just have to get out there to enjoy it.


Mob Museum, National Atomic Testing Museum and Neon Museum are just a few of the museums Las Vegas has. It isn’t know for museums but it does have some entertaining museums guests can’t find anywhere else. To switch the days up, visit the museum in the morning.


Las Vegas is known for constant shows every night. If you’re into magic, there are plenty of magic shows. How about a good laugh? Las Vegas has a handful of permanent comedy shows and weekly shows in Las Vegas with a new star in town to perform a show. Concerts are also common to come into town for a week or longer. The most popular, Cirque de Soleil, performs shows nightly with 5+ different themes. There are shows for everyone, check them out here.


There are many ways to enjoy night life in Las Vegas. There are a countless number of bars and clubs that operate until the early morning. But if clubbing isn’t your scene, you can explore the strip and see the lights. As stated above, going to a show is also a great way to experience Las Vegas night life.

Iconic is a great word for Las Vegas. Las Vegas is a place everyone has to go at least once in their life. To be able to experience the lights, the night, the shows and food, it will leave a lasting impression with how many options you have to explore. Visit Las Vegas anytime of the year, its an all around experience. 

Have you visited Las Vegas? Why did you visit?


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