Guest Post: 42nd Street Splendor

New York is a place that is near and dear to my heart, I was engaged there! So once I met Summer, from DoyouSalut, I knew she had to write a post for me! & what a great post, 42nd Street Splendor is- ENJOY!

New York City is LOADED with things to do, places to go, and things to see. It’s impossible to do everything or even half of the things on your to do list. Even myself as a New York native I haven’t begun to explore even half of what my city has to offer. So every now and then I like to be a tourist for a day and explore my beloved NYC.  Here’s what it’s like to be in NYC for a day…

I decided to explore the three most popular 42nd Street Stations in NYC: Times Square, Bryant Park, and Grand Central Terminal.  

First Stop:  Times Square

Times Square is ironically synonymous with NYC. But if you ask, most New Yorkers try to avoid this place at all cost. That’s because Times Square is crowded with…tourists! Personally I hate crowds and Times Square is usually packed with people being awestruck by the skyscrapers and bright lights. Especially since, us New Yorkers are usually on the go and it can be a bit frustrating trying to bob and weave around crowds. So when I decided to be a tourist for a day Times Square was the definitely a must do and the first thing on my list.  

Times Square spans from 42nd Street to 47th Street and from Broadway Avenue to to 7th Avenue.

It can be relatively easy to get to because most transit trains go there are connects to a train the can get you there. It’s known as the Theatre District and here is where you can catch the Broadway shows. If the theatre is not your thing don’t worry there’s plenty of other things to do, like…SHOPPING!!! Times Square is also known for all of the bright light billboards that somehow magically pull you like a magnet into the stores! There are popular clothing stores like H&M & Forever 21.

They also have specialty shops like the Swarovski store, Hershey’s Chocolate World, and M&M’s World. There are famous eateries like Bubba Gump Shrimp and tons of other things to do like Madam Tussauds Wax Museum. But the thing to do in Times Square is go to the Pedestrian Plaza! Here you will find people dressed in all kinds of costumes and you can take a picture with them.  Growing up there used to be a man in briefs, cowboy shoes and hat and a guitar. He was known as Naked Cowboy. He had a special song and everything, ah the good ol days.

Next Stop: Bryant Park

The next stop on our 42nd Street tour is Bryant Park (insert link  Bryant Park is a quick walk from Times Square and is just as easily accessible by public transportation. I know Central Park is known as the best park in NYC but honestly Bryant Park is my favorite of the two (but I love them both)! Bryant Park is smaller than Central Park but it is packed with things to do.  Bryant Park has something for every type of person. Do you like to play games like chess or Pétanque? Bryant Park has that!

Do you want to learning fencing? Bryant Park has that. Are you traveling with children? Bryant Park is super family friendly. They have a playground that has a mini Merry-Go-Round and lots of activities for kids. If you are a more mature audience don’t worry… they have a restaurant and bar as well.

I think the best part about Bryant Park is that they have plenty of programs during the summer that are FREE, FREE, FREE! For example every week the have free dancing classes from different cultures. I’ve taken a square dancing class and danced circles around my boo in the swing class! The also do free movie nights.  For my cultured friends Bryant Park also does Broadway in the Park! If all of that sounds amazing but you honestly just want to relax.. have no fear Bryant Park has a lawn where you lounge and sun bath, or chairs where you can sip a nice cup of iced tea and …. people watch (or take a nap)!

*Money Saving Tip: There is a Whole Foods across the street from the park if you want to have a picnic.*

Final Stop: Grand Central Terminal

The final stop on this tour is Grand Central Terminal. This too is a short walk from Bryant Park. But if you’re tired you can take the 7 train to the next stop.  Never has a train station’s name fit so well. Grand Central Terminal is truly grand. It’s history is just as captivating as the structure itself.

Grand Central Terminal is a train station the houses not only the subways (which takes you to different places in NYC) but also the Metro-North trains which can take you to places like Connecticut.  Built between 1903-1913 in the Beaux Arts (for you architecture lovers). It was modeled after the Parisian Opera House and when you walk down the staircases in the main hall you can’t help but feel grand!

It costed approximately $80million to make and contains about 120 tracks (all of which is underground)!  But enough about history let’s get to the nitty gritty.

The main concourse (which is shown in a lot of NYC based romantic comedies) has a mural on the ceiling that has the constellations.  It is truly awe-inspiring! But here’s the thing. THe constellations are actually backwards. The Vanderbilts said that this is because we are looking at the constellations from God’s vantage point. (That’s deep!)

Once your done gazing at the marvelous ceiling find your way to the Oyster Bar Restaurant. Right in front of it is this thing called a Whispering Gallery. If you whisper into one of the columns in this gallery the person standing in the column opposite of you will be able to hear what you whispered. How cool is that? Apparently there are other Whispering Galleries (insert this hyperlink: ) around the world.

Being a New Yorker it can be easy to “sleep on” the City That Never Sleeps, but my home is loaded with things to do. I hope you enjoyed this sneak peak of what my beloved NYC has to offer.  If you are interested in exploring more of NYC’s gems be sure to check out my YouTube Series, “Unpack NYC” (insert link here .

Live, Love….. Salut!

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