Mission District, San Francisco

To explore different districts is to explore new culture. 

That is so true about the Mission District, San Francisco.

There is so many things to do in San Francisco; to touristy things like visit the Golden Gate Bridge, to unique things like Seward Street Slide. But one thing people don’t do is visit the different districts in San Francisco.

The districts in San Francisco each have their own stories and Mission District isn’t any different.

Mission District, San Francisco

The Location of Mission District, San Francisco

The Mission District, San Francisco is located in the east central area of San Francisco.  Conveniently located to the west of Route 101 and right in the middle of Mission Street.

Depending on your current location Mission District, San Francisco has many options to be able to get to the district. 24th Street Mission BART has a subway in the district if able to get to one. Another way to by the public bikes or scooters. Bus, UBER and taxi is also another way to get to the district.

Culture in Mission District, San Francisco

Spanish missionaries arrived to the Mission District around the 18th Century but throughout the centuries and decades the more ethnic groups had immigrated in. But currently the Mission District is known for San Francisco’s Mexican/Chicano, Nicaraguan, Salvadoran and Guatemalan community. Mexican, Salvadoran and other Latin American businesses, shops and markets line the street making this a unique district.

The local streets in the Mission District are named after the first Spanish-Mexican families to settle in the district. Valenciano, Guerrero, Dolores are just a few of the families and now streets one will see.

Why visit Mission District, San Francisco

Besides the beautiful culture in the Mission District there are plenty of other reasons to visit.

The weather is warmer and you’re more apt to see the sun. Due to the Mission District location, it’s insulated from the from the fog and wind. While being in San Francisco, this change of warmth and sun makes for a great time in the Mission District.

Mission District, San Francisco is also less touristy. This is because it is more south of the “usual” top destinations, like Fisherman’s Wharf and Golden Gate Bridge. But just because it isn’t touristy, doesn’t mean it isn’t a must travel, just means some people are missing out.

The food is delicious. Why wouldn’t you love family owned shops that make food homemade? This sounds like the perfect breakfast, lunch and dinner to me.

What to in Mission District, San Francisco

The Mission District is unique in a couple ways. There is no huge tourist attraction to see, but smaller history and activities to do.

  • The Mission District, San Francisco is the spot where we did a delicious food tour with Secret Food Tours of San Francisco. It was such a fun tour and we had the best time in a new district.
  • Delores Park offers some of the best views of San Francisco. Grab some ice cream and relax at the top of the hill overlooking beautiful San Francisco. This was one of our favorite things to do.
  • The Mission District is about community and the Murals of the Mission District explain a lot of it. Some paintings are permanent while other change weekly or monthly. They express frustration, grief, happiness and excitement in the neighborhood, done by local artists.
  • Mission Delores, one of the oldest buildings in San Francisco, operates as a museum and Historical California Landmark.
  • Local markets are plentiful in the Mission District. Supporting local economy is the best thing to do as a ‘tourist’. The main street is lined with an assortment of shops for any person.

Mission District, San Francisco

The Mission District isn’t the typical hot spot to visit while in San Francisco. But this doesn’t mean it isn’t a place you need to go. There is a lot to do, see and so much culture to take in. One will not be disappointed with their time in this ‘up and coming’ district.

Have you heard of the Mission District in San Francisco?


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