Icelandic Adventures: Must Do Adventures In Iceland

Icelandic Adventures are some of the best adventures you will go on. 

There are so many things to do on your trip to Iceland, even more amazing itineraries to follow. Adventures, relaxation and casual outings are not hard to come by on your trip. Icelandic Adventures, though, are one of a kind in the beautiful country of Iceland.

Iceland is made up of lava fields, fjords, mountains, gorges and so much more. The landscape makes Iceland one of the current, most popular destinations for travel. The temperatures during the summer are pretty mellow allowing for a lot of daylight and the perfect weather for outdoor activities. The winter doesn’t get too cold either. Making Iceland a destination to travel year round.

As mentioned earlier, I planned all our adventures out a couple months prior. So once the trip came we just had to enjoy our time. These are the must do Icelandic Adventures during your time in Iceland.

Icelandic Adventures


One may not think this is considered an adventure but some of the most iconic waterfalls have quite the hike to get too. Other waterfalls, like Glymur, even require a 5 mile hike.

Food Tour

A food adventure in a new country can be the best adventure. Hopefully it is a good one as well.

  • Wake Up Reykjavik was an amazing food tour and one I highly suggest.

White Water Rafting

Extreme Icelandic adventure down the rivers of Iceland. This can be done as a single person or with a group.

Hveragerði Hot Springs

Four mile walk, round trip, to a beautiful stream that feels like a hot tub. This is the perfect active adventure with a twist of relaxation.


The best part of Iceland is the countless number of trails and mountains one can hike. The trails can be easy, casual walk or they can be tough, straight up a mountain like Kirkjufell.

Glacier Climbing

Glacier Climbing allows for some of the best views of the Icelandic Glaciers. Going with an educated guide is advised and recommended for safety reasons.


Done during the winter or the summer, snowmobile through the snow of Iceland. Take a tour and enjoy the day in the snow. Don’t forget hot chocolate afterwards!

Lava Tour

Iceland is surrounded by active volcanoes and shows the remnants of past volcano eruptions. Throughout all of Iceland one will see lava fields with about 60 lava tubes/tunnels that go underground. Take a tour and learn the history

Silfra Snorkeling

The Silfra Fissure is the divide between the two tetonic plates between North America and Europe. With a tour, a dry suit and a cold face, one will snorkel for about 30 minutes between the fissure in the bright, clear, blue water.

Horse Back Riding

Driving through Iceland in a car was spectacular with the views. Now imagine, riding on horseback through the nature? What a great adventure for a new rider or experienced.

Glacier Kayak

Getting up close and personal with the icebergs is magical. If not as adventurous, boat rides are available but if you like to be active Kayaking with a tour is for you.

  • This was one of our favorite activities on our trip. 

Blue Lagoon

This adventure is for the traveler who likes relaxing adventures. No better way to relax than in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland.

Icelandic adventures can come in a variety of ways; from very active to casually active. Iceland is one country that you won’t get bored in.  

  • There is even more to check out for things to do in Iceland.


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