Hotel Review: Hotel Diva

Hotel Diva was a wonderful Hotel to stay at.


Not only was Hotel Diva near Union Square, it was near Powell Street BART for easy access to anywhere else in the city. This hotel made our time in San Francisco really enjoyable and convenient.

Location was what attracted me most to Hotel Diva, but there was so much more it had to offer.


Union Square

The location of Hotel Diva was two blocks off Union Square and on Geary Street. Union Square is one of the best places for shopping in San Francisco. There are compartment stores, boutiques and high-end luxury stores surrounding a green space.

Along with shopping, Union Square offers a space for local artists to show off their work and a beautiful place to enjoy your morning coffee, or afternoon.

Geary Street is busy with more shopping and a ton of restaurants. This gives tourists so many options to eat and foods to try. Oh, and Starbucks is right next door.

Four blocks from Hotel Diva is the Powell Street BART. This is the underground train that is used in San Francisco. Once on that BART, one can travel to many places and to all the activities one wants to do in San Francisco. Having it close to Hotel Diva makes it a great location and place to stay.

Customer Service

We walked in, they offered us Champagne. Yes, they have Champagne Hour during Check-in times. This happy hour brings up the morale and excitement of checking in.

We were welcomed with smiles and friendly employees. They answered all our questions, held our luggage for us after check out and always offered us “have a good day”, as we left the hotel.


The beauty of Hotel Diva didn’t surprise me. I saw the pictures online of how beautiful it was, so I wasn’t surprised it was in person too. The front of the hotel isn’t jaw dropping, but it is mixed in with a few more buildings near by, that if you blink you will miss it.


Like mentioned above, they had happy hour with champagne. Go down and enjoy that daily, get your night started early.

I also love free water, especially when I get home at night from walking and I am really thirsty. It was free, didn’t have to pay, so nice.

Of course, like many hotels, Hotel Diva offered daily room cleaning which is always the best.

Wifi is plentiful and just want you need while in San Francisco. Truthfully, you should be out exploring rather than on the internet.

Colibri is the restaurant connected to Hotel Diva. With your reservation at Hotel Diva, discounts are available to eat at Colibri. We didn’t make it there, but the Mexican bistro smelled wonderful!


The room was perfect. One king size bed, yes! A place to put my computer on their desk and table.

I love when hotels have the toilet and showers separated from the sink. This gives me time to get ready while my husband is showering, or vice versa. Of course, they had air conditioner which was lovely.


All around Hotel Diva is a GREAT place to stay. The location couldn’t be any better, options to so many things and public transport. The room was everything you would need and the customer service was memorable.

Staying at Hotel Diva won’t be a mistake. 

What do you look for in a hotel stay?


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