Exercise: How To Stay Active On Vacation

Ever get into this great exercise routine before going on vacation then stop once your trip starts? Or just drank too many cocktails by the pool?

Happens all the time, don’t lie. Exercise on vacation can be fun and doesn’t have to be boring.

While planning for your trip, if exercise is a priority, research what is available so you can enjoy a hobby of yours. Also to get you motivated, listen to these 5 Podcasts to get moving.

Exercise Vacation


Picture this: you on the beach, sunrise shining, getting your blood flowing. Yoga is peaceful, relaxing and a great workout to start your vacation day. You can do this locally or internationally. Whatever culture you do it in, you may learn a new thing or two.

Local Excursions

It maybe snowboarding in the snow or sand. Or could be kayaking or other water sports. Local activities all call for fun activities.

Hotel Gym

Researching if your hotel has a gym may be a deciding factor when it comes to choosing a hotel. A gym in your hotel is convenient to allow you to workout whenever you have time.


Walking is the best exercise to get while visiting a new city. It may be walking on a free tour or walking on the beach. Whatever it may be, choose walking over driving.


The best way to see a big or little city is biking. Not only is this great exercise, but you can see so much more in a shorter time.


When packing your travel bag, running shoes may be your top priority. If you are training for your next race or not, there are so many benefits of running and I can only imagine the benefits go up while running through the streets of downtown Prague.

Exercises in the Park

Before traveling to your destination research for free exercises in the park. Many cities have a lot of these events, weather permitting, and you may get yourself a free workout.

Hotel Pool Workouts

Some hotels have pool itineraries of events that are happening that day, check it out for pool workouts. This is a fun way to get blood flowing while hanging out in the sun.


Early morning laps or afternoon treading is another great way to get some exercise in. When the water is cool, sweating doesn’t fee so bad. Another great exercise if scuba diving, underwater one has to use their legs to swim continuously!

Youtube Videos

Free, easy access in room workouts are plentiful on youtube. You can find workouts for as short or long as you need them to be.

Drop in Classes

Many workout classes, like Crossfit, allow you to drop in for the day for a price. Sometimes they make you prove that you have done a certain exercise before and sometimes they don’t care.

Pay a day at the Gym

Some gym facilities do allow 7 day free trials or a drop in day pass. This will take some research beforehand, but will pay off once you get there.


Hiking mountains, hills, small walk ways, there are so many places to get a great increase in heart beat. Hiking is one of my favorite activities for exercise! 

Outdoor Activities

White water rafting, climbing, skiing, snowboarding are just a few outdoor activities that incorporate fun with exercise.


Get involved in the cultural dancing. Not only is it fun but learning a new dance from a different culture will only help people appreciate the place they are currently.

If its to offset the calories in food/drinks or if it is to just stick to your routine, exercise on vacation can be some of the best time. Bring a Friend!

Even if you haven’t done some of the exercises, don’t let that stop you from doing Yoga in Indonesia or going on a bike ride in Tulum, Mexico.

What do you do for exercise on vacation?


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