Our Time San Francisco

San Francisco, land of the hills and homeless people.

Our Time San Francisco was pretty wonderful.

We definitely could of stayed longer. Short and sweet is what it was and it makes us want to go back for more! Until then, I will share a synopsis of our time San Francisco.

Our Time San Francisco


Due to my husband’s job we had to leave Friday night, for a great weekend getaway. We flew on Alaska Airlines for the first time and it was wonderful. A lot of leg room, had in flight entertainment, free cookies, there wasn’t much to complain about. The flight attendant even had a great sense of humor.

After landing we headed right towards our place of stay, Hotel Diva. But this goes without saying, we were definitely in a different city.

San Francisco has so many homeless people. This was a surprise to us and something we aren’t use to seeing in Minnesota or Wisconsin. It tugged at our heart strings.

Back to Hotel Diva, right in Union Square, it was a perfect hotel. We couldn’t of asked fo a better stay.

For dinner we were recommended, Coco Bang, but the wait was too long for what we wanted to do. ((Okey we were starving and couldn’t wait)) So we went to Matador instead and it was delicious. Guacamole with the right amount of tomatoes and spices and the side of corn, mouthwatering.

Onward to our final Friday destination- not without walking the famous Nob Hill. Brutal. I would really get a nice bum if I walked that for one week, it was tough.

Last stop: Cobb’s Comedy Club. It was to see Tom Green! Do you remember him from his own show on MTV? He was a hit and I would highly recommend saying him live!

Goodnight Friday!


Hello Saturday, we have so many things to do in San Francisco, common & unique!

To start our day right, we went to Honey Honey for breakfast. It was okey- I have a better breakfast spot for you coming up. But in all their defense they’re known for crepes, which I didn’t get.

I love Big Bus tours, especially if visiting a new city for the first time that has so many sights to see. Big Bus was how we spent our windy Saturday morning– Painted Ladies, Haight Neighborhood, Tenderloin district, Golden Gate Park, Golden Gate Bridge, China Town, Union square & the list goes on. We were able to see so much in a short time!

We spent lunch down at Fisherman’s Wharf, this is a cool place. Chain restaurants and non- chain restaurants cover both sides of the road with shops throughout. The whole environment was great. We ate lunch at Pompei Grotto and then enjoyed the best ice cream at The Baked Bear. YUM.

After our tummies were full, the only appropriate thing was to rent bikes. ((hah)) With the bikes we visited Ghirardelli Square, rode along side the water and to my favorite thing- The Golden Gate Bridge. This was a great experience and one I would HIGHLY suggest.

That night my husband chose to go to the Warrior’s Basketball game. Lets just say, the game was over in the second quarter.

That was all for Saturday, bring on Sunday!


Good morning Sunday!

We tried our hardest to sleep in but couldn’t. So we did what anyone would do, go to Bob’s Donuts. Best crumble donut in San Francisco, I never had one before but I WOULD AGREE.

After all our donuts, why not eat more food? Secret Food Tour was on our agenda that day and we were super excited. We made our way over to Mission Neighborhood to enjoy 3 hours of delicious food on the Secret Food Tour, this is what I thought of it!

Delores Park is near Mission Neighborhood and provided some of the best views of the city. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to climb Twin Peaks, so this had to do. It was a great view!

Cable Car adventure– Not really sure what I expected? Maybe to feel like I was on the opener of Full House, but I didn’t. Not sure I would wait in line for it again. ((Boo))

Nap time, yes we took a nap. We were tired, Hotel Diva was great to sleep in. We woke back up though, no worries.

Dinner cruises are something that we find ourselves doing when able. We did one in Paris and in Washington D.C. We enjoyed both the cruises so we keep coming back for more. Hornblower Cruises offered amazing views and great food.

Last day tomorrow!


We miss our dog, yes that always goes through our mind.

Today we finally were able to get to Pinecrest Diner, a place we saw had a line out the door at all hours of the day. The breakfast was amazing- this is a place I would recommend for breakfast while in San Francisco. Cooked right in front of you too, Diner style.

Alcatraz Tour was today, which we were most excited about to see. It didn’t disappoint and definitely a place you need to visit! Do the early bird tour, can get in and out before a ton of people start joining you!

For lunch we went to the Ferry Building. Lots of food places and shops. What a fun place to go.

After the tour we rented Ford GoBikes and explored the countless number of piers, what great exercise too. One of our favorites was Pier 39. I will explain why later!

After all that we did, it was finally time to go home Monday night. 

Our Time San Francisco was a blast. We felt we did so much in a little time frame and we still would love to go back. We felt we could of had 1-2 more days to really do all that we wanted to do!

Have you visited San Francisco, what did I miss out on? 


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