6 Day Iceland Itinerary

If you have 6 days in Iceland, make it worth it.

Buoakirkja Black Church on the 6 Day Iceland Itinerary

Sometimes 10+ days isn’t realistic when planning a trip. But this 6 Day Iceland Itinerary will make your time in Iceland worth it; nature, adventure and relaxation all in one trip.

First look for the best flight deals to get to Iceland. Recently this has been a lot easier as the more popular Iceland becomes. Once you see a reasonable price, around $350-400, book it, this will allow you to plan the most epic trip.

You’re flight is booked, now lets get to your 6 Day Iceland Itinerary.

6 Day Iceland Itinerary

This 6 Day Iceland Itinerary is very similar to our time in Iceland but with some tweaks and new suggestions. 

Day 1: Landed

The sigh of relief of landing in Iceland. Due to the airport being 45 minutes from the main town of Reykjavik, the first thing in order is the Blue Lagoon.

  • Take Reykjavik Excursion Bus to the Blue Lagoon
  • Relax, get a mud facial, enjoy a drink at the Blue Lagoon.
  • Take the Bus to Reykjavik, check into accomodation
  • Take the Wake Up Reykjavik Food Tour, the best way to learn the history and try the foods of Iceland is a food tour from a local
  • Stay in Reykjavik tonight

Day 2: Let the Journey Begin

First step is to get the rental car, the best way to explore the island of Iceland. It is also pivotal for this 6 Day Iceland Itinerary.

  • First stop; up towards Jokulsarlon Glacier for a kayak adventure, one of many activities to do in Iceland. This will get you close to the icebergs while taking in the beauty of the glacier.

Make your way back down route 1 towards Vik. There are a ton of stops along the way; iconic waterfalls and beautiful views.

  • First of the many waterfalls: Magnúsarfoss and Svartifoss, with a small hike included.
  • Pull over for a waterfall on private land, noticed from the road.
  • Stop at Systrakaffi in Kirkjubæjarklaustur for some of the best pizza.
  • Ending your day at Fjarðarárgljúfur Viewpoint

Day 3: Be one with Nature

Today you will witness some of the most beautiful views of Iceland. Take in the views, don’t rush and put your phone down. Become one with Icelandic Nature. Today we are heading back in the direction of the Golden Circle.

  • Visit Reynisfjara Beach, aka. Black Sand Beach, and from there Dyrhólaey right outside vik.
  • Walk to Sólheimajökull Glacier. Witness the beauty of the blue ice and partake in a glacier climb activity.
  • A new day, a lot more waterfalls. First stop Skogafoss, the waterfall you may walk on top of. Then to Seljalandsfoss, waterfall you can walk behind. Lastly to Gljúfrabúi, the waterfall you can walk in. Iconic waterfalls, right?
  • Eat at the cutest cafe Gamla fjósið.
  • Stop at Hrunalaug Hot Spring and take some time to relax, you made it to the Golden Circle.
  • Visit one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland, Gulfoss.
  • Another Golden Circle staple: The Geysir is right down the road from Gulfoss.
  • Go a little further and hike to one of the prettiest waterfalls; Bruarfoss.
  • Head towards Selfoss for the night but make sure to stop at Faxi falls and Kerið Crater.
  • Stay in Selfoss for the night.

Day 4: Time to Snorkel

Before we get to, once in a lifetime activity, we have a long hike to do.

  • Hike 2 miles to Hveragerði Hot Springs. This may seem like a long hike, but will be a highlight of your trip. Relax in the hot springs & then a 2 mile walk back.
  • Travel onward to Thingvellir National Park, only place in the world to be in two continents at once. Hike around, take in the views and the ‘realness’ of this experience.
  • Next up: Silfra Snorkel. This is an activity you don’t want to miss. It may be cold on your face and fingers, but you stay dry the whole time. Who else can say, “I went snorkeling between two tectonic plates”? – Well I mean besides me.
  • Before leaving Thingvellir National Park stop at your only waterfall of the day, Öxarárfoss, again, unique in its own way.
  • Stop in Arkanes to buy some groceries for a home cooked meal for dinner in your secluded cottage.

Day 5: More Waterfalls & Thermal Baths

There is a lot to see on Day 5, but also some of the most driving.

  • Head up in the lava fields to go on a Lava Tour with The Cave. The explore the lava cave and learn of the history of Volcanos in Iceland.
  • Favorite Waterfall alert: Be wow’d by Hraunfossar and the uniqueness of the color and falls. Right next door is Barnafoss, if it wasn’t a 10 step walk, it wouldn’t be worth it.
  • Witness the most powerfall thermal bath in Iceland; Deildartunguhver. Up the sidewalk is a spa and geothermal bath to relax at and enjoy.
  • If the spa isn’t your thing, towards our next destination is the Landbrotalaug Hot Springs. This is more nature-like but a smaller area to relax.
  • Getting sick of driving yet? No, Good.
  • The churches of Iceland are fascinating, included the Buoakirkja Black Church.
  • Continue down the road to Rauðfeldsgjá Gorge. Get out, stretch your legs and climb to the entrance. Step inside once to the top, you will love it. Where rock meets ice.
  • Town of Arnarstapi will not disappoint. Make sure to go to the cliffs to see Gatklettur & stop at a local restaurant to have some lobster soup.
  • Hellnar is the town next door, not as entertaining, but still able to get down towards the beach near the cliffs
  • Londrangar to witness landmark volcano towers on a cliff.
  • Vatnshellir Cave Tour if unable to do the earlier cafe tour.
  • Dritvik Djúpalónssandur, short walk to where a boat washed up on a black pebble beach.
  • Did I mention you’re now in Snaefellsjoekull National Park? Welcome, here there is a countless number of hiking trails and lava fields. Take some time to explore a trail, you’ve been in the car too long.
  • End your travels at the Svörtuloft Lighthouse, trying to spot a whale.
  • Share your dinner conversations at Hraun in Ólafsvík.
  • Stay in the proclaimed “Street art capital of the world”: Hellissandur

Day 6: Make your last day Worth it

This is the last day, I bet you won’t be getting much sleep with how light it is out and your pockets feel a little lighter with how much money you have spent. But that doesn’t stop you from exploring all day.

  • Ingjaldshóll Church with mountains in the background, the views are stunning.
  • Svödufoss Waterfall is right off the road, but to get the best view- walk off the path.
  • Donut lover? Brauðgerð Ólafsvíkur in Ólafsvík has some donuts that one has to try in a different country. Is it better than the donuts in your home country?
  • Kirkjufellsfoss is a quick drive down the road from Ólafsvík, the waterfall is right off the road but the real challenge is to climb Kirkjufell, without hyperventilation.
  • Another beautiful waterfall that you need to walk of the trail for, Grubdarfoss. They never got old.
  • Beautiful lava fields in Berserkjahraun.
  • Stykkishólmur, the town that banned plastic bags or the town that Walter Mitty shot in, Stykkishólmur is precious. Cute cafes, the smallest light house on the biggest hill and color everywhere. Also, a Blue Flag Marina Award winner for their eco-friendly Marina.
  • 2 hours and 30 minutes back to Reykjavik. Yes it’s not ideal, but you just had a great day.
  • If you enjoy history, stop at the War & Peace Museum before it closes.
  • Once to Reykjavik, explore all that it has to offer with the Reykjavik Guide.
  • Sólfarið – Sun Voyager, statue on the water.
  • Hallgrimskirkja Church and yes, pay that $10 to go to the top.
  • Walk the downtown of Reykjavik and see what it all has to offer.
  • Eat local tonight and enjoy your last 24 hour days of daylight.
  • Stay in Reykjavik tonight.

6 Day Iceland Itinerary

So much driving, a bunch of hikes, plenty of waterfalls and endless activities this 6 Day Iceland Itinerary is very rushed. Some people don’t get the pleasure of a long trip and this 6 Day Iceland Itinerary is jam packed with the best of Iceland. You won’t be disappointed.

Only able to be in Iceland for 5 days? Check out this 5 Day Iceland Itinerary.

Have you been to Iceland? What is a must do that we should add to this 6 Day Iceland Itinerary?


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