Visit Washington D.C.: Why Travel In November

Not many people would go up to the NorthEast Coast in November.

In the United States, the Eastern, Northern Coast gets a bad rep for cold weather and bare trees. But please visit Washington D.C. in November, perfect for a weekend getaway– Let me tell you why! (pst you won’t regret it)

7 Reasons to visit Washington D.C. in November:

  1. Weather: The weather is wonderful!! With fall weather in full effect here in the United States the weather is beautiful to visit Washington D.C.! This is great walking weather when going from monument to monument, museum to museum.
  2. No tickets for Museums (i.e. Holocaust): If you want to go to the Holocaust Museum between the months of March 1 to August 31st, you need to purchase tickets beforehand. In November no tickets are required and this is the rule for a handful of museums around Washington D.C.
  3. Less People: Again, “who wants visit Washington D.C. in November?”. This statement was said to me a couple of time, which I assume crosses people’s mind more often than not. This thought also causes less people, which in turn causes less traffic at the tourist spots. This was visibly noticed during the month of November.
  4. Cheaper flights: In November people can find flights for $136 or less. You can barely fly round trip anywhere in the United States for under 200$. To visit a new state, historical landmarks and eat great food for only $136 is an extraordinary price. ((Being from the midwest and flying over 5 states, this is a great price))
  5. Fall colors: Witnessing fall and the colors it offers, never gets old. To visit Washington D.C. just for the colors would be worthwhile. But the colors and the historical landmarks in one photo: priceless.
  6. Patio Seating: Patio seating during the fall season is always a great idea. With the sun shining, cool price and enough shade your lunch will be complete.
  7. Outdoor activities: With the wonderful weather, outdoor activities are a must while on yoru trip. These could range from bike riding to walking the national mall, or even stilling in a park relaxing. There is so much to do outside, you’ll never get bored.

Washington D.C. was wonderful in November. These seven reasons are just a start to why you should travel Washington D.C. in November. Go experience it yourself!

Where else can you go in November to experience fall weather and be a tourist?


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