Tour Review: Secret Food Tour

Yum, Yum, Yum- is all I was left to think. 

The Secret Food Tour was one of the highlights of Our Time in San Francisco.

Food tours are something my husband and I really enjoy due to the uniqueness of the activity and locations they take us. 95% of the time, the food tours take us to places that we would have never gone. This could be because it was tucked away in a corner, we usually don’t enjoy that food or in an area we never made.

The Secret Food Tour didn’t let us down in any of these aspects. We went to the Mission Neighborhood, a place we wouldn’t of gone. We ate at all family-owned shops and restaurants tucked away in small places. All places we would of skipped. We enjoyed the Secret Food Tour so much that it is on the Things to do in San Francisco.

Mission District

The Secret Food Tour started and finished in the Mission District. A few reasons went into choosing this location. First off, it is usually warmer and sunnier in the Mission district, due to being at a lower elevation. Secondly, the Mission District prides itself on history. The streets are named after families that first settled in the district.  Thirdly, it’s San Francisco so the flat land in the Mission District makes it walker friendly. Lastly, there is a huge ethnic background, from Mexican to Pakistani, there is so much to offer.

Tour guide

David, our local tour guide, kept the tour entertaining. He took us to all our locations and it never felt like 3 hours had past. He was very well educated of the Mission District and the food we were eating. Lucky for you, David does all the Secret Food Tours in San Francisco.

All the Stops

I don’t want to get into the specifics of all our stops, because I want you to enjoy the tour. But I do want you to get a little taste of the certain foods you will eat, so you know that you will be well fed.

Mission Burrito was our first item we had from a James Beard Award winning restaurant. It is called the Mission Burrito because there is no rice in the burrito.

Pork Taquitos from a Filipino take out, family owned and a place I never would of stopped if it wasn’t for the Secret Food Tours. Oh, the side of sweet chili sauce is to die for.

Clam Chowder soup is a must while in San Francisco. This is one thing I did eat outside the tour, but I could eat it everyday. Less cream in the soup is what makes San Francisco clam chowder different than anywhere else.

Margherita Pizza was excellent. Casual Italian place open for lunch and at night closes, while the fancy Italian restaurant next door opens. Both owned by the same people, same great food.

Salted Caramel Ice Cream is as good as it sounds. Especially after walking around for 3 hours.

Paired with Almond Cookies, these were from an Italian bake shop and made with love. David placed them on top of our ice cream and it was a delicious combo.

Bonus Stop

A food tour of just walking around and eating food can get really filling. The great thing about The Secret Food Tour of San Francisco is that they also took us to Clarion Alley. Clarion Alley is full of history, dating back to being a safe zone for gangs and now for murals by local artists. This was such a great place to walk through and a place I never would of thought of if by myself. It was also part of the 11 Unique things to do in San Francisco.

The Secret Food Tour of San Francisco was very satisfying. We didn’t feel that our time was being wasted or that we were just “killing time” we felt as if our attention was fully on the tour. 

Don’t make a mistake and book your tour today with Secret Food Tours of San Francisco. 

Have you ever been on a Secret Food Tour?


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