The Sampan: A Hotel Review

The Sampan

The Sampan is based in my favorite place in Indonesia, Nusa Lembongan.

How to get there:

It all starts beach side at Sanur Beach. You will take a fast boat to Nusa Lembongan Island and be transported to The Sampan.

Customer service:

They sent a Holiday card. That explains their customer service in a nut shell. But seriously, they tended to all our needs. Before we even got to the hotel they offered to set up our fast boat transfers, while also setting up our transport to and from the airport and to our next hotel after The Sampan.

During our stay they always made sure we were comfortable. Asking each day what they could do for us and if we had enough towels, water, etc.


The Sampan is tucked away off the busy street. High fences surrounding the area. This creates a peaceful, quiet, quaint feel that is unbeatable. The hotel is small so it has a personable feel and they keep the hotel very clean.


The room is perfect. Perfect for two people – you’re not going to spend a ton of time in your room so there is a big bed, bathroom, small fridge and that is all you need. The small fridges have daily water replaced by staff. The bathroom is large with a countless number of shower heads to enjoy.


Pool is big enough for hotel guests. It is long enough to do laps as a way to workout. As well as working out, it also has a table and chairs, perfect to enjoy ice cold beverages in the pool. I loved that I didn’t need to reserve a pool chair either, they give you two personal sun chairs for each room.


The Sampan is a popular coffee shop in town that everyone knows of. Each morning the hotel guests get a discounted breakfast off their menu. The breakfast is great and keeps you full until lunch, fresh squeezed orange juice too!  We never got dinner there, but the menu looked great!

The Sampan is a must stay when in Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia- You will not be disappointed! Book Today!