Discover Engelberg Switzerland

Discover Engelberg Switzerland

Discovering Engelberg, Switzerland was an unknown adventure. 

Engelberg’s beauty was unimaginable. This quaint town, in central Switzerland, has more to offer than just gorgeous mountains and extraordinary views. That is why you should discover Engelberg Switzerland.

Discover Engelberg Switzerland

Getting There:

Trains: Riding trains into the country side of Switzerland was the best way we found to get to Engelberg. 50 minute ride from Lucerne was a stunning ride and one I would do again in a heartbeat. $50 USD round trip for 2nd class, book here. Once at the train station, if unable to check into hotel/hostel/airbnb, tourists can rent a locker and leave bags in locker. The lockers are HUGE and were able to fit both our big travel backpacks.

Drive: Renting a car and driving yourself also will get the job done. But don’t get distracted by the beautiful views.

Bus: Bus’ also go between towns with a lot of stops along the way.


Picture perfect, that describes the ‘jist’ of it. Engelberg is from a puzzle; lakes in different altitudes, lovely architecture, and mountains surrounding the town. Known for being a mountain resort town, Engelberg is worthwhile to visit in the summer as well. This year round popular village has a river with a lake down the middle of the town and serves great Swiss foods. Walking around the cobblestone streets won’t disappoint tourists.

Things o do

Titlis Mountain: Is the popular landmark in Engelberg. A cablecar will take tourists from the bottom of Engelberg to the top of Titlis. First stop will stop at Lake Trusbee and the second stop is a transition to another cablecar, during the summer, during the winter this is used as a ski/snowboarding hill. Once to the top of the mountain, there is snow. Yes in August, there is snow. There is also a few activities tourist may partake in. Ice tunnels, sliding down the snow hills, suspension bridge and hot chocolate.

Stop 1 on Titlis: The first stop on the cable car is Lake Trusbee. This area is breathtaking. Here tourist can hike, kayak, walk to the waterfall, enjoy the sites or go up to the next stop. The temperatures are starting to dip, bring a light jacket.

Scooters: This activity, not only is an adventure but, offers the best views in Engelberg. Taking a cablecar up to the first stop, the scooters are in the ski lodge. Each person will get their scooter and start to work their way down the winding road of the mountains. Stop for a lot of pictures.

Hike: Engelberg is the place to hike and become one with nature. Up in the mountains there are a countless number of trails that are available for hiking. Days could be spent hiking up each one. Wear reliable shoes and don’t be discouraged from hiking the longer route.

Explore the City: Shopping, eating and cobblestone roads. Walk around the two main streets in Engelberg. Stop to get a bakery item and hot chocolate, no regrets.

Places to Eat

There are a plentiful places to eat in Engelberg; below are a few we enjoyed.

Twiny Cafe: We found ourselves here for breakfast and we stayed, talking to the owners, for over 2+ hours. They were very welcoming and breakfast was pretty straight forward.

Kafikaufbar: This cafe is right in front of the train station. Easy to find and adorable inside. This was the place I had my first Swiss Sausage, it was delicious.

Restaurant Yucatan: Was a delicious but expensive restaurant for dinner. Mexican style place with a little twist.

Alpenclub: Is also another expensive choice. This is swiss comfort food and fondue all in one place. The decor was a little fancier and the only restaurant I felt underdressed.

Budget Option: The Coop Supermarkt Engelberg is a great budget option for lunches. This is cafeteria style, swiss food on top of the grocery store. The prices are cheaper and a great alternative for lunches, you can eat as much or little as you want.

Places to Stay

Airbnb, we stayed. This place was clean and the brother lived in the home. He was very hospitable and shared all his advice on places to eat and do. With renting out a room we were able to save a few dollars.

Hotels are a little more expensive for a night stay. Prices range from $165-$250 for a nights stay. This can get expensive if in town for a few days.

Money Talk

Switzerland is expensive in general. Engelberg is no different than other villages/towns, in which the prices are higher than what you would find in other parts of Europe. Places to stay are more expensive and food is pricey.

To make things cheaper for dinner it isn’t a bad idea to just share one meal or get two appetizers. Of course, water cost money as well, there is no way around it as if they put the pitcher on your table you pay for the water.

Finding budget places to stay could be a little harder to find. Engelberg doesn’t have hostels but they do have Airbnbs. Renting the entire place is expensive but if you rent out a room in a home is cheaper.

Engelberg blew my mind. Didn’t know what to expect, but what I saw was beauty, character and charm. Discover Engelberg Switzerland, disappointment will not be a feeling.


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