Our Time In Tulum, Mexico

I am in major withdrawal.

I have been to Mexico plenty of times, but never Tulum. Our time in Tulum makes me want to go back more than ever.

I have never wanted to go back to a place so much than Tulum.

I do these quick trip recaps, like Our Time in Tulum or Our Time in San Francisco & so many more, for two reasons.

  1. To relive what a wonderful time we just had.
  2. To give you wanderlust and make you want to go there.

Our Time in Tulum

Our Time in Tulum was short and sweet. But due to my work schedule and a wedding it could only be 5 days, 4 nights. Sad. We learned so much about this beautiful place and we definitely made the most of it!


Arrived into Cancun airport and made our way down by Yucatan Travel to our place of stay, Casa Ambar. Obviously excited what this place had to offer, we rode bikes around for a bit to look a the store fronts and restaurants. Stopped for lunch at Mia and had our first share of guacamole and tacos.

We also relaxed, we relaxed so much we decided to get a massage beachside at a local villa. My massage was wonderful, relaxing and not deep tissue. My husband on the other hand wanted deep tissue. His massage was taken to the ground at one point and the guy was kicking him. Needless to say Jordan’s back is still bruised with shoe marks (4 days later).

For dinner we went to the beautiful Mur Mur. All the restaurants on beach avenue were beautiful and would never disappoint to place you. It was all Mexican food but with a little twist.


Probably the longest of all the days, we woke up today at 5:45 am to head to Chichen Itza. We took our day tour with Yucatan Eli’s and it was the best decision ever. We were able to go early in the morning to beat the crowds and, kind of, beat the heat.

Chichen Itza is the 3rd of the 7 NEW World Wonders that we have been too. This is a huge bucket list goal of ours, because they are all historical and beautiful! Chichen Itza was the same, so full of history and beautiful.

After our visit to the ancient Chichen Itza we went to a beautiful Cenote to swim, cool down and fall in love with its beauty. Headed to a Mexican buffet lunch and then onward to Valladolid. We visited the oldest Monastery in Mexico and a local Sunday market. After a long day, we made our way back home in time for dinner.

Dinner tonight was at one of my favorite spots there, Mateo’s. We picked this place for two reasons, NBA Basketball & Mexican food. Basketball game didn’t go as planned, but the food was delicious!


Easily our favorite day. We came down to Tulum, not knowing how beautiful it was, but for Scuba Diving. We heard their diving was amazing. Koox Diving didn’t disappoint. We had done our theory and pool dives back in Minnesota the week prior, so we wanted to go to Tulum for our Open Water and finish our PADI Dive Certification.

Koox Diving was lovely and took us to Casa Cenote for a safety refresher, then we headed into the ocean for our Open Water Safety portion. I have been on the ocean plenty of times, usually big boats, but this day was different. There was a lot of waves and a small boat, I got very sick after our dive. So sick I threw up, which has never happened to me. But now I know!

To say the least, we passed and now are PADI Dive Certified!! We’re so excited and can’t wait to dive more!

After diving we made our way to Matcha Mama for a cold smoothie on this hot day. (who am I kidding, everyday was hot). After that, Casa Ambar showed up their new Private Cenotes at the end of the road. It was magical, tucked away behind the Mangroves and down a long walk way. It was so peaceful and they are in the process of building villas near it. What a beautiful place it will be when done.

Rosa Negra Tulum was our choice for dinner and it had the prettiest restaurant and presentation. The way they brought your food out or even water was all an elegant show. The appetizers were delicious, but our main courses were poor picks by us. So tonight called for Gelato, what a wonderful way to end the night.


Today was a no-rush morning. It is vacation, it calls for at least sleeping in until 8am, right? We slept until about 8, then headed to the Cafe Bean and Bags for a breakfast sandwich, which was delicious! We then headed to the Tulum Mayan Ruins on the ocean. The only Ruins on the ocean it was amazing.

We headed back for lunch at Bolas de Postre I Scream Bar. This place was so neat and where we had the best tacos. They give you the tacos with the shell and meat and allow you go to go up to the topping bar and put your own toppings on it. Which is a great idea since I just love onions and cilantro on mine!

After lunch we went with Edventure Tour to Akumal Beach to swim with turtles! The plan was to swim with turtles but we saw a ton of fish, squids and even a barracuda! How awesome!! Akumal Beach was also the cleanliest and prettiest beach we saw in or near Tulum! Unfortunately, Tulum beaches had a ton of sea weed on the shores.

Tonight for dinner we made our way into Tulum City to eat at La Malquerida. Our local guide said this was a wonderful place to get tacos and it sure was! There was live music and local shops lining the way. After dinner we headed back to our hotel area where we went to the public beach area to watch the sunset and take in Our Time in Tulum.

Things we wish we could of Done

As mentioned above Our Time in Tulum was short and sweet, of course, we are planning on going back. When we go back we already have a list of things we would love to do.

  • Pablo Escobar Mansion
  • More Cenotes
  • Biosphere Reserve
  • Whale Sharks, in season
  • Monkey Sanctuary
  • Yoga

Our Time in Tulum

Was so lovely. The weather was so hot but the activities were a ton of fun. I would recommend Tulum 1000x over again. I was surprised at how many things you could do in just a short distance to the hotels.

Have you been to Tulum? What was your favorite thing?


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