Best Diving Company In Tulum, Mexico

While Scuba Diving, people need a reliable Company to work with.

Ko’ox Diving is the Best Diving Company in Tulum, Mexico.

Due diligence, safety first, informative, and beauty are a few reasons Ko’ox Diving is the Best Diving Company in Tulum, Mexico. Let me explain our favorite activity during Our Time in Tulum, Mexico.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is something my husband and I put on our Travel Bucket List. We were waiting to Dive during our time in Zanzibar but we were too excited to wait.

Living in Minnesota, diving isn’t as talked about if we were to live on the coast. But since we travel a lot and snorkel a ton, we knew this is something we needed to do. Now.

Before we made our way down to Tulum we took our theory and pool portion of our PADI Certification here in Minnesota at Midwest Diving School.

Tour Company

While researching for a Diving Company in Tulum, Mexico, look for companies that are PADI Certified.

PADI Certified Companies follow safety guidelines and regulations, to perform safe and healthy dives. These companies will safely know how long dives should be, if safety stops are necessary, they will know the area of diving and great compass work.

To be able to do these dives, tourists will need to be certified or become certified. This is something that can be done with the company, like we did, or can be done prior to diving.

While looking for the best company, I also look for reliable reviews and options for diving. Besides, PADI Certification, this is mainly what brought me to Ko’ox Diving.

Ko’ox Diving: Best Diving Company in Tulum

Ko’ox Diving 

Ko’ow Diving & Tours Downtown Tulum City

Ko’ox meaning “Let’s Go” in Mayan, only appropriate while in Tulum. “Let’s Go” could be for diving, kite surfing or any other adventures they offer around the area. With Tulum being as beautiful as it is, why wouldn’t you want to “Go”.

Founded by 3 gentlemen with all different backgrounds, this is what makes Ko’ox unique and exciting. With diving at the forefront, I was super excited to go diving with them.

Ko’ox beliefs (taken directly from their site):

  • Adventure and exploration is the driving force in life – you can never get enough.
  • Safety is paramount, Fun guaranteed – we want to see more and try more, while having fun, and then come back ready for more.
  • You deserve to have the adventure of a lifetime – that’s why we want to leave nothing, but great memories. Let your videos and photos have their say.
  • Diving is not just a profession, it is a way of life – it’s also our vocation and hobby.
  • We teach respect and responsibility towards the environment – every time we take tourists out, we count on being environmentally cautious – as we want these incredible natural wonders to endure, so that our children and future generations would be able to explore and admire them, as much as we have.


Located in 4 different cities in Mexico; Puerto, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Tulum. Tulum was our destination due to the popularity of the Cenotes dives. The shop was located in Tulum City on the main street. Easy to find and get too.

How to get ahold of them

This is the easy part and just another reason why Ko’ox Diving is the Best Diving Company in Tulum.

Go to their website and you can either contact them there or chat live with them while searching for your needs.

People can call them or use WhatsApp.

Facebook and Instagram are alternative ways to connect.


While diving with Ko’ox Diving, their highest priority was always safety. Didn’t matter how cool something would of been or how experienced or unexperienced we were, safety was number one. This is the most important thing to look for while looking for a Diving Company in Tulum.

As mentioned above we had already taken our pool and theory portion before coming down. Usually all we would need to do was our open water dive in the ocean. But because Ko’ox is about safety, they did another confined dive to test our pool and theory safety again.

This helped us even more to feel confident in what we were doing. After doing a quick recap we did our dives in the ocean. Once in the open water we were able to do our CESI approach, compass work and safety stop before really enjoying a “fun” dive.

As always, safety should be a top priority.


Scuba Diving with Ko’ox Diving, as mentioned earlier, was our favorite thing to do in Tulum.

Our guide, Justine, was amazing. She made us feel comfortable, at ease, safe and showed us how to have fun.

Diving in the cenotes was amazing. I have seen a cenotes in Dominican Republic but never been swimming in one, let alone scuba diving. Cenotes diving is amazing & I would also love to snorkel in them as well. The rock structure, the calm waters and so much more make this our FAVORITE thing. Not to mention there was a crocodile in the cenotes. Yes, it wasn’t mentioned to us before gettin gin the water only after seeing it. That was really freaky, but a great story. Panchito was the name. I am so angry we didn’t have our camera at that moment, but we were just getting our gear on in the water and stepping back out.

Next we did our dive in the ocean. The coral reef was stunning, I have never gotten that close to a deep coral reef. The colors and the fish, stunning.

To get out to our spot for diving we took a very small boat and the surge was pretty awful. I get motion sickness at times, but never puke. But today, I got so sick. After our safety dives and exploring the coral for a bit, we came back up and I instantly started puking. Puking all the way back to the beach. Note to self: Need Zofran before next trip.

Overall our experience was wonderful. We loved the perspective of the view we were able to get and the instruction that was provided. We can’t wait to come back and dive with Ko’ox Diving, as they were the best Diving Company in Tulum. There are so many great Cenotes in Tulum to dive, snorkel and explore!


The all around service of Ko’ox Diving was wonderful. As I was trying to figure out how to just schedule my open water dive, I sent a countless number of emails to Ko’ox Diving. They answered quickly and with no hesitation.

They were easy to get a hold of and provided us with all the information we needed and questions answered. Ko’ox also gave us suggestions for places to stay, how to get around and where to eat. Being able to communicate with a company about everything for your trip makes you feel more comfortable with them, very trustworthy company.

They didn’t hesitate to set up a taxi ride for us to get to the shop.

Once we were to the Ko’ox Diving shop they had all our documentation items ready for us to sign and on our way we went.

They provided us a great sandwich lunch and beverages to keep us hydrated throughout the day.


Justine was our specific guide for our diving exploration. She was amazing and I don’t have enough nice things to say about her. She taught us real life tips, like spitting in your goggles and not relying on a chemical to do that. Or how to tuck in your regulator for easy access and so much more. These tips aren’t common sense for someone who has never dived before. She also unzipped my wet suit while puking and carried all my gear back to the beach. Justine was amazing.

PADI Certification with Ko’ox Diving 

Ko’ox Diving provides the full course of PADI Certification at their locations as well. They have certified instructors that will provide you with all the information that one will need to feel safe.

The structure of their program can vary depending on the time you have. They can either do a 2 or 3 day class. But choose at your own risk. A 2-day class involves a 5-hour video, a confined water dive, which is usually two dives (4 hours) and open water dive (another 4 hours). The 3-day course is less rushed, more relaxed and less overwhelming.

While on vacation spreading out your course is a wonderful choice so after your morning session, the afternoon is free.

Ko’ox Diving is the Best Diving Company in Tulum, Mexico.

This is a true statement and something you won’t regret. While in Tulum, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

Have you been diving before? Where did you get your certification?

Diving with Ko’ox Diving was a sponsored trip for us. But all opinions in this post are my own, I would only suggest the best. 

This post may contain affiliate links, though products are ones I use personally and recommend. When you purchase anything using my links, it costs you  nothing extra, but it does give a little financial support which helps to keep this blog going. Thank you for your ongoing support. 


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