10 Things to do in Roatan

Roatan has so much to offer; from sandy beaches to adventure. 

There are so many things to do in Roatan.

Roatan is 40 miles off the northern coast of Honduras. It is the biggest island of  of the Bay Islands between Utila and Guanaja. Honduras main land isn’t a top travel destination due to the poverty but the Bay Islands are only gaining popularity.

As recent as 2017, hurricanes ripped through the Caribbean. No damage was done to Honduras so cruise ships started to skip islands like Puerto Rico and head to islands like Roatan.

But I still consider Roatan a hidden gem. A hidden gem I didn’t hear about until I went on a my first medical mission trip. 

Due to Roatan being an island, of course water activities are very popular. But there is so much more things to do in Roatan.

10 Things to do in Roatan

Zip Line

Up in the Jungle tops of Roatan, zip lining can be done from tree top to tree top. After a short lesson, guests are given a harness and helmet. This is not an activity for someone afraid of heights. Some courses will take you 60 feet up in the air. This is definitely an activity for the adventure seekers.

Monkey & Sloth Hangout

Calling all animal lovers. Daniel Johnson’s Monkey & Sloth hangout is the place to spend the morning or afternoon seeing these magnificent animals. It is a sanctuary for these animals and we’re lucky enough to see them up close. Monkeys and sloths aren’t the only animals there; parrots, rabbits, macaws, and raccoons.

Lay on Beach

Roatan has beautiful beaches for hours of relaxation. The sand is soft, the seashells are minimal and there are countless number of places to lay your beach towel.


The second largest coral reef, behind the Great Barrier Reef, goes along the coast of Mexico, Belize and down to Honduras. The best part about this is, its swimming distance from the beach or you can take a boat. Renting snorkel gear or a small boat is available on the beach.

Scuba dive

With being part of the second largest coral reef, scuba diving in one activity that is a must to do. Booking ahead of time guarantees you a spot or can book while on the beach or hotel. This is one thing I wish I could of done, next time now that I have my PADI Diving Certification.


While on vacation, relaxation is a must. It might be one day or all the days and the best way to relax is the Spa. There are spas in the hotels or massage beds set up along the beach. Spas in the hotels have the typical spa services and are pretty expensive. Outside on the beach, locals have massage beds set up under a canopy, offering $30 massages. Either way, you can’t go wrong.


Catamaran’s are giant sail boats that can throw a party. While on the beach in Roatan, there are a ton of options to rent a Catamaran for the day. While on the Catamaran, they provide food and beverages, also a good time. This could be one thing to mix up your beach days and get you in the water.

Jet ski

If you love the thrill of fast items, renting a jet ski is for you. This can also be done right on the beach or at your hotel. Rentals go for $40/hr. Gives you a closer look at the clear, blue water.


Another adventure seeking activity. Not for the people who fear heights but for people who love the feeling of flying in the air over the coastal line of Roatan. Beautiful views on the side.


Coming off the cruise ship or sitting on the plane, hiking is the best thing to do to get moving. Hike through the green jungle of Roatan and see spectacular views over the cities and water.

These 10 Things to do in Roatan are just the start of a wonderful list. Doing any of these 10 things to do in Roatan will make your trip wonderful. First: Get to Roatan, Second: Enjoy.