USA Weekend Getaway Ideas

Everyone deserves to get away.

There are a handful of USA Weekend Getaway Ideas, let me show you the best list.

Your starting location doesn’t matter and you may even have more options than up here in Minnesota.

But these Weekend Getaway Ideas are specific towards Minneapolis International Airport, but could give you a great idea from your airport as well and what I look for in a great Weekend Getaway.

Weekend Getaway Ideas are typically 3-4 days. Either it will allow you to leave after work on a Friday until Monday night, or leave Thursday after work and come back Monday. There is a combination of things that you can make work.

With the Weekend Getaway Ideas, 3-4 days will never be enough to explore a city but it will give you plenty of time to really get a feel for the city and see some of the best things in that area.

When trying to take a Weekend Getaway I look at the cost. Flying out of Minneapolis International Airport has its advantages as it’s a huge airport with great prices.

Being it is a Weekend Getaway I don’t want to spend more than $200 on a flight. I have never had an issue with finding a great deal out of Minneapolis. Keep your eyes peeled or set reminders to find the best price.

Another key aspect in our Weekend Getaway Ideas is that one can go anytime of the year. Being from Minnesota it is cold in the Winter, like really cold, so escaping to Los Angeles is a must. But I also love skiing and mountains, Colorado was calling our name.

Now, lets check out the wonderful Weekend Getaway Ideas from Minneapolis.

USA Weekend Getaway Ideas

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known for the parties, pools, hotels and business conferences. With all this attraction, Las Vegas is one of the cheapest places to fly too. The cheapest ticket would be red eyes, but you can still find them any other time of the day.


A great seaport destination on the west coast, visit the needle, the Fish Market or go on a fishing expedition. These 3-4 days even allow you to rent a car and go hiking for a day.

Washington D.C.

I never knew that Washington D.C. had better weather than Minnesota until last year. I also learned that the weather during the winter stays pretty mellow. This makes Washington D.C. a year long Weekend Getaway Idea.


Frontier Airlines’ main hub is in Colorado. So if your airport has a Frontier gate, flights are usually $80-100 roundtrip. This makes the top of the Weekend Getaway Ideas for how quick and cheap the flight is.

San Francisco

Another mellow weather destination, San Francisco is a place to visit year round. There are so many things to do, see, and eat while there. Wear your best walking shoes for bike riding and long walks. Bring your camera to capture the Golden State Bridge. Flights out of Minneapolis can be found around $180.

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Atlanta is a huge hub for Delta Airlines and Delta is a huge gate here in Minneapolis. This allows flying down to Atlanta non-stop and cheap. So much to see down in Atlanta and food to try!


Boston is known for the history of America. Going to Boston for 3-4 days is perfect to get your history nerd satisfied and go into a seafood coma. One other option you can do as well is rent a car for a day and drive up the coast to Portland, ME and stop at all the cutest and wonderful east coast towns on the way.

Los Angeles

Flights out of Minneapolis to Los Angeles are, most the time, $180. This makes for a great destination year round. There is so much to see and do, even renting a car for a day and going to a National Park. But don’t miss out on the Hollywood Sign.


Austin is home to up and coming businesses and young professionals. This gives Austin a “hippie vibe” feel and I love it. It is also close to Texas Hill Country if you want to experience wine and old western-like towns. Flights to Austin can be found for $150 and less if looking at the right time.


A weekend getaway to the Country Capital of the States? 3-4 days of live concerts of up and coming stars is just enough to have the best Weekend Getaway. Nashville tickets can be found for around $200 if booking outside of July and August.


Philadelphia is known for more history and great food. Taking a cheap flight, under $200, for 3-4 days to experience the history of Philly, sounds like a wonderful weekend getaway.

New York City

New York City is known for the ‘City that doesn’t sleep’. So in this case 3-4 days of no sleep is for the best. Just kidding, kind of. Even with 8 hours of sleep there is so much to see and do in NYC that 3-4 days might not be enough but with tickets around $150, planning a second weekend getaway is okey and advised.

New Orleans

Buy yourself a cheap plane ticket, $170 with Southwest, and get down south to try the food. There is so much to see in downtown New Orleans and even more to eat. This would be a great weekend getaway with friends.


Sun Country, out of Minneapolis, is now flying direct to Savannah, GA. This is awesome, and the flight will run around $180. Savannah has a historic downtown or an island life at Tybee Island. This makes for a perfect friend weekend getaway, family getaway or couple getaway.


Might sound goofy flying from Minneapolis to Chicago, but it’s about a 45 minute flight and tickets can be purchased for $80. That will save you 6 hours of driving and all the gas. Even better when it is St. Patrick’s Day and the river is green.

Again, the prices might not be the exact same as our of Minneapolis, but you get the idea of how to find the best Weekend Getaway Ideas. 

Where is the best Weekend Getaways from where you live?