12 Unique Things to do in San Francisco

San Francisco has a billion things to do.

There is so many unique things to do in San Francisco. These aren’t the same things discussed earlier, these are different; unique.

Different meaning, they aren’t as common but doesn’t mean they aren’t a must do. The different neighborhoods of San Francisco each offer their own unique activities and characters. One could be in San Francisco for weeks discovering all the unique things to do in San Francisco.

12 Unique Things to do in San Francisco 

Baker’s Beach

Baker’s beach is a hidden gem on southwest of the Golden Gate Bridge. The beach isn’t know for swimming or water activities, Baker’s beach is known for the sites of the Golden Gate Bridge and a great hang out spot. During the day, relax and take pictures of the bridge, at night build a campfire and enjoy other people’s company.

Brunch at Cliff House

South of Baker’s Beach up on the cliffs, the Cliff House is perfect for a brunch. The history is fascinating as the first cliff house was built in 1863. The second cliff house is my favorite, but you will have to find out for yourself. You will not be disappointed with the views.

Slide Down Seward Street

Seward Street slide is fun for anyone, of any age. Located in the Seward Mini Park, the slide is made of concrete and not too intense. It is a twist of a tourist activity which makes it a part of the Unique Things to do in San Francisco.

Scenic Drive the 49 Miles

This is a ‘do on your own’ type of thing. But it is lovely, it takes you to all the top sites. Scenic drive the 49 miles is a self guided tour of San Francisco, follow a map, see all sites and on your own time.

Pier 7 at Night with the Skyline

If you love city night lights and skylines, this is a memorable thing to do. Pier 7 is located on the water (obviously) but has a long dock for people to walk out to. Along the dock is a countless number of lights at night. Turning around facing the city, the tall buildings light up illuminating the sky and giving it a site to see.

Church of 8 Wheels

Church of 8 Wheels has some interesting history. Once a practicing church, the church was vacant for some time. After awhile it was made into a roller skating facility every Friday and Saturday. Their schedule allows for kids or adult only skate as well. Great activity to get your night started!

Circus Skills Jam 

Every friday night the Circus Center holds free skills practice. Come into the center and practice any activity you dreamt about performing in a circus. At times the circus will put on main shows or small, $5 friday night shows. Great activity to get active, while having fun.

Ride Carousel

The San Francisco Carousel, located in Pier 39, level 1. Handcrafted in Italy, the Carousel is painted with famous San Francisco landmarks. Some including the Golden Gate Bridge, Coit Tower, China Town, Alcatraz and so much more. This makes the Pier 39 Carousel the only Carousel in San Francisco with such paintings. Stop by and ride an animal around a couple times, it is beautiful.

Fly a Kite

San Francisco is located on the water or a bay if you want to be exact, making this city windy and perfect for kites. There are a lot of areas to fly a kite but there are some great locations you don’t want to miss. Crissy Field, near the water, offers excellent views of the Golden Gate Bridge while flying your kite. The second spot is right off of Market street and called Kite Hill. Small climb to the top, but once there, you will witness the city line while flying your kite.

Lombard Street

You may or may not of heard of this before, I hadn’t. Lombard street is a series of hairpin turns while going up a steep hill. One can either walk it (awful), or stay at the bottom and take a picture. You choose what activity you want to do, but it is neat to look at.

Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood

Th Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood is most known for the beginning of the hippie culture in San Francisco, in 1960. Ever since, the Haight-Ashbury Neighborhood has many tie dye shops, bohemian feel and the hippie vibe. Definitely a place to walk around and grab some food.


Clarion Alley in the Mission District is a site to see. The murals are done by local artists and some of the spots change weekly or monthly. This alley is beautiful and touches on the history of the Mission District or the current hard times and politics. It is beautiful to see the community come together in one area. Clarion alley was one of our favorite from our time in San Francisco.

These Unique Things to do in San Francisco will only enhance your trip to a great city. Add these unique things, to the must do things in San Francisco and you will find yourself having so much to do!

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