Here are 10 Honduran facts I learned

Capital City

Tegucigalpa is the Capital city of Honduras. Yet is it? Honduras is the tale of two cities, as Comayaguela, also makes up Tegucigalpa and at times is considered another Capital of Honduras.


Honduras isn’t always the safest place to travel too. In January, Tegucigalpa was labeled level 4, don’t travel, do to unrest over elections and protests. While, most of the time Honduras is labeled level 3, recommended not to travel. Furthermore, the outside islands and smaller airports are usually safer to travel too, just more expensive.

Toncontin, Tegucigalpa International Airport

Toncontin Airport is one of the ten top most dangerous runways in the world. This is because of the mountains surrounding Tegucigalpa and the sharp turn the pilots need to make the runway. However, the pilot forewarns the guests on the plane about how low they will get to the city to make a safe landing.

Poverty Levels

Honduras has more than 50% of their population below the poverty levels. As a result, walking through the city tourists will find battered houses and not the best living conditions.

Honduran Flag

The Honduran flag has 5 stars in between the stripes. Hence, these five stars symbolize the members of the former Federal Republic of Central America: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua.

No Smoking

Honduras was the first country to ban smoking in your own home and makes it illegal to smoke 6 feet within non smokers.


Honduras is a Spanish speaking country. Rather, English is very common in the Bay Islands off of Honduras. In conclusion, in Roatan if you speak Spanish to people on the island, they will respond in English.


It is not unusual to find blonde hair, blue eyed Hondurans in the Bay islands, these are descendants of pirates.

Great Depth

Christopher Colombus founded Honduras in 1502 and named it after “great depths” referring to the deep water off the coast.


Off the coast of Honduras, near the Bay Islands, lays the second largest Barrier Reef, after the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

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